Acid/Alkaline pH

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    Acid Alkaline pH Balance

    Our body has an internal ecology, a proper balance of pH, very much like the ecology of a forest, ranging from very acidic pH (like the stomach acid) to a very alkaline pH (like the pH environment necessary for the pancreatic enzymes to work).

    When we constantly eat acidic-forming foods, over time we deplete our alkaline reserves and the enzymes from the pancreas cannot fully break the food down. Partially digested food particles continue to travel down the 25 feet of intestines where they putrefy and rot. Putrefying food upsets the delicate intestinal flora (good microorganisms) and often activates an overgrowth of candida, which results in constipation, bloating, headaches, and gas.

    the heart of healthLearn more about Acid/Alkaline pH Balance in the book: The Heart of Health: Principle 3 - Physical Ecology
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