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    Arthritis / Osteoarthritis / Rheumatoid Arthritis

    />Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis affect bones, joints, and ligaments. Because of an internal acidic environment and loads of toxins ranging from heavy metals, petrochemicals, to forms of streptococcus and viruses some joints become inflamed. Some joints calcify and become stiff and painful, especially fingers and toes, as well as knees and hips. Surgery is one approach; however, it does not address the "natural problem" our body is experiencing.

    We can help our cells by cleansing our organs of elimination such as the liver, colon, kidney, and lymphatic system and by maintaining our tissue environment as alkaline as possible. Virus, bacteria, parasites, fungal and yeast, infections thrive in the acidic pH of our intestines and tissue.

    It is also important to determine the root of the issue. We need to understand why our body has become so toxic and so acidic. Are we suffering from mental or emotional stress? Have we been exposed to something toxic in the environment? Do we have a latent or chronic virus or a long lasting bacterial infection in a tooth?

    Dental bacteria and their toxic by-products slowly leak into the bloodstream and make their way to tissue near and far away. Once there, they can cause focal infections in other areas of the body. Circulating bacteria and their toxins place an enormous stress on the immune system as it attempts to keep the infection under control. This may take place for years without any noticeable symptoms. However, when people with this condition suffer an emotional upset such as an accident, experience a death in the family, or an unpleasant divorce, the immune system is overtaxed. Once the immune system can no longer keep up with the infection, the bacteria begin to multiply and more serious conditions can develop, e.g., rheumatism, arthritis, heart problems, and/or cancer.

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