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    Brain & Cognitive Function

    Our body, our brain, our consciousness are inextricably joined with other matter in the universe. Every atom and molecule within us depends on the rest of the universe. Our brain and other parts of our neural physiology are interconnected by this unseen communication network which coordinates and regulates behavior of certain parts of the body. The body, therefore, can be seen as a dense medium holding the real essence of who we are.

    Events from our past can leave an energetic imprint on our emotional, mental and physical bodies in such a way as to become the subconscious motivator of our current day behavior.

    These discordant frequencies can also become lodged in the crystalline structure of our tissue and reverberate within the water molecules that make up over 65 percent of our body. These discordant frequencies can create areas of non-coherence that lead to obstructions between the body's energetic and cellular communication systems. The breakdown of healthy frequency information can lead to weakened immunity, less than optimal organ, nervous system, brain, hormonal, and skeletal functions as well as chronic pain.

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    27 products