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    When the body is so toxic that it cannot properly digest or detoxify, it will never derive any benefit from nutrients, and even healthy foods will cause allergic reactions. The best approach to digestive problems, fatigue or any chronic illness is to give the digestive system and the liver a pause/time-out. It is time to relax, quiet the mind and emotions, cleanse, let go and rejuvenate. It may also be time to turn inwardly and examine any negative thoughts or feelings we may be having that are interfering with our digestion as well as any negative behavior that is contributing to our load of toxins. Our physical body often reflects the state of our inward balance.

    A Biological Dentist is trained to assess the overall health of the patient before removal and detoxification. When mercury fillings are not removed properly additional contamination can occur due to the vapors released from the drilling. Mercury particles from the filling can also be released into the mouth and swallowed. This only makes the toxic burden worse.

    the heart of healthLearn more about Cleansing and Detoxifying in the book: The Heart of Health: Principle 10 - Detoxification
    61 products