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    Emotional Wellbeing

    Often, it is our desire to control outside events that moves us away from our inner peace and gives rise to negative thoughts and feelings. To achieve optimal physical health, we have to start with our mental and emotional well-being, the basis of which is faith in ourselves. Having an inner connection and love for ourselves can help us overcome health challenges and feelings of hopelessness during the most difficult periods of our lives.

    When we can identify the source of the upset and reduce it to the underlying fear, we take the first step toward shifting the fear into trust. This can be as simple as changing the channel on your television set. If you do not like what you are watching you can always grab the remote and change the channel to something more uplifting. Likewise, we can change the channel of what we think about and the external conditions also change.

    Once we change then our spouse, child, friend, or the negative situation can change next. Just change the channel of what you and your DNA resonate with and you change your reality. It is like two prisoners gazing out from behind bars – one sees mud and the other sees stars. We have the choice about what we believe about ourselves. Our positive self-image defines what we become.

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    8 products