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    Kidney & Bladder Support

    Our kidneys and liver are constantly working to process and detoxify the blood. Toxins from the liver and kidneys are partially eliminated through the skin. Many skin problems and skin diseases are seen over those areas associated with liver and kidneys.

    The second step in a detoxification program is to ensure that the kidneys, lymph system, and bile duct are all open and working properly. If not, then these organs and systems must be detoxified, strengthened and supported first before embarking on a general detoxification program. The status of these systems is generally best left to your health care provider. If you suffer from edema or have any urinary problems then chances are these systems will need to be strengthened prior to detoxification.

    At Natural Healing House® we believe that through a wholesome diet and the aid of natural remedies such as homeopathic formulas, herbal tinctures, and supplements we can give support to our kidneys and bladder and their proper function in our body.

    the heart of healthLearn more about Kidneys and Detoxification in the book: The Heart of Health: Principle 10 - Detoxification
    20 products