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    Sleep Support

    One of the most important aspects of deep sleep is the increased secretion of HGH (human growth hormone) and the elimination of free radicals in the brain. Small amounts of HGH are secreted during the day, but the vast amount is released during sleep. HGH stimulates tissue regeneration, liver regeneration, muscle building, breakdown of fat stores, normalization of blood sugar regulation, and many other beneficial processes in the body.

    Sleep itself functions as an antioxidant as free radicals are removed from the brain during sleep. Sufficient sleep ensures minimal neuronal damage from free radical accumulation during waking hours. For this reason, chronic sleep deprivation accelerates aging of the brain.

    Seven to eight hours sleep is essential for proper regeneration and repair throughout the body. To prepare for restful sleep avoid TV for one hour before bedtime. Do not eat or watch TV in bed (retain the association that "bed" is for sleep). Wind down one hour before bedtime, minimize stimulating noises, activities, food intake, etc. Instead, meditate, take a bath or read something uplifting.

    Try to go to sleep before 10 pm, the time when all your hormones are at their highest peak.

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    26 products