OmniCleanse Detoxification

OmniCleanse Detoxification

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OmniCleanse Whole Body Detoxification & Cleanse

The DesBio OmniCleanse 14 Day Detox program and the 28 Day Challenge combine specialized products and diet guidelines to support weight loss and improvement in body composition and overall health.

This revolutionary detoxification program will improve your energy, vitality, and overall health by helping your body to remove dangerous toxins. Even better, the specialized products and diet program will bring fast results helping you to look and feel your best before summer starts.



An easy-to-follow, weight-management program broken into 2 distinct phases:

14 days or Phase 1: Cleanse—Rejuvenate your body through the elimination of toxins and jump start your weight loss. During these two weeks you will help your body release and cleanse from harmful toxins.

28 Day Challenge or Phase 2: Transform—Provides you with the tools your body needs to maximize weight loss and improve your body composition A food-based program that incorporates a variety of healthy meals and snacks–no boring menus, fasting diets, or juices We will be there with you every step of the way to offer guidance and help you reach your goals!

OmniCleanse KIT uses select, professional-grade products designed to optimize your cleansing and weight-management results. OmniCleanse Detoxification Kit Provides true, whole-body purification with homeopathics, nutrients, and botanicals to cleanse and rebuild the central nervous system, body cells, liver, digestive system, kidneys, bladder, and lymph.

Includes OmniCleanse Powder, OmniCleanse Capsules, Comprehensive Detox Kit.

Supports appetite control and weight reduction with the unique molecule equol
Professional Weight Support combines homeopathics to reduce the discomforts commonly associated with dieting
OptimaLean Support improvement in body composition with a great-tasting formula
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