Our Story

Welcome to Natural Healing House, where our story is not just about us, it's about a journey - a journey towards natural wellness and empowering others.

My name is Smriti Sinha, but you can call me Sims. My path to Natural Healing House began not in boardrooms or business schools, but within the walls of my own home, where the quest to improve my family’s well-being led me to discover the profound impact of natural wellness products. It was a journey marked by learning, passion, and a desire to share this gift of health with others.

Before stepping into the world of natural wellness, I navigated through the challenges and successes of a corporate career in Fortune 500 companies. It was there I honed my skills in driving customer-centric innovation and leading diverse, global teams. These experiences now fuel my vision at Natural Healing House - to create a shopping experience that’s not just transactional, but transformational.

Our Mission

At Natural Healing House, our mission transcends beyond selling products. Each team member, led by the brilliant Lori Agati in operations, is devoted to offering you not just high-quality supplements and natural remedies, but a partnership in your wellness journey. We believe in the power of expertly curated products to transform lives, and our dedication to this belief is reflected in every aspect of our service.

Medical Review Policy

Our commitment to you is backed by a steadfast Medical Review Policy. Ensuring the accuracy and relevance of our information, a board certified RN meticulously reviews our posts. This reflects our dedication to providing you with reliable, research-backed knowledge, empowering you to make informed decisions about your health and wellness.