Meet Smriti Sinha



Smriti Sinha is the CEO of Natural Healing House, an e-commerce destination for wellness enthusiasts looking for curated, premium supplements and natural remedies to lead a healthy lifestyle. With an entrepreneurial sprit underscored by customer-centric creativity, Smriti has held various senior leadership roles at Fortune 100 companies such as American Express and Prudential Financial. 

A seasoned business leader with a fervor for catalyzing growth in highly regulated industries, Smriti now brings her energy, passion and experience to the Health & Wellness industry. Smriti's unique perspective on innovation, rooted in her extensive experience, positions her as a trusted and inspirational leader. Passionate about holistic well-being, Smriti is dedicated to empowering individuals and families in the health and wellness arena. 

Her expertise isn't just rooted in her impressive business and analytical background; it's deeply personal. Smriti's journey into the world of health supplements and natural remedies began at home, curating the best options for her own family. Driven by the desire to provide only the safest and most effective solutions for her loved ones, she developed a keen eye for recognizing premium ingredients and quality formulations. This personal passion combined with her professional acumen, means that every brand and product selected for Natural Healing House is both a testament to her commitment and a reflection of her family's trust in holistic health. 


  • Xavier Labor Relations Institue, MBA
  • Delhi University, Bachelor of Economics


  • Currently pursuing Nutrition Certification, NASM