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    Immune System Support

    The key to avoiding infections is to have a strong immune system. So, when we do catch a cold or a nasty flu from a virus for example, we better be prepared and make sure we have naturally remedies on hand to support our immune system. Natural remedies are designed to help the body cleanse as well as nurture our cells so we can fight off the infection efficiently and quickly.

    The immune system is that shield that protects us beyond the physical body. There are many types of immune cells that respond to toxic chemicals in the substances we eat, drink and breathe. When we have a compromised immune system due to an overload of toxic chemicals, viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma, heavy metals, or parasites, the immune system becomes depleted, leaving the body exposed to more toxicity and infection.

    When we eat refined sugar it goes rapidly to the blood. When there is excess sugar in the blood the liver uses it to make neutral fats called triglycerides. Excess triglycerides are stored in the body as fat and also increase blood fats, which can raise blood pressure. The resulting increase in blood fats suppresses the immune system, inactivates macrophages, and can increase infection rates in diabetics. High blood serum fatty acids depress the oxygen transport system. A lack of oxygen at the cellular level interferes with the cell's ability to produce energy. All metabolic processes depend on cellular energy. When cell's become energetically inert and stagnant many degenerative diseases begin to manifest.

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    95 products