Lymph Drainage (2 fl oz) by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES303
Lymph Drainage (2 fl oz) by DesBio

Lymph Drainage (2 fl oz) by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES303
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Lymph Drainage by DesBio. 
SCROPHULARIA NOSODE 1X - Circulatory stimulant, enlarged glands, diuretic. TEUCRIUM SCORODONIA 1X - Expectorant, wasting diseases. BAPTISIA TINCTORIA 1X, 3X - Sepsis, prostration, unrelenting sick feeling, malaria, offensive excretions, intestinal toxicity. CITRUS LIMONUM 1X - Assists normalize pH and is deodorizing. ECHINACEA ANGUSTIFOLIA 1X - Macrophage stimulant, assists the immune system. PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA 3X - Anti-viral, muscular aching, glandular swellings. LOBELIA INFLATA 3X - Diuretic, expectorant and lymphatic cleanser, regulates pH. PINUS SYLVESTRIS 3X - Stiffness, emaciation, itching, bronchial, gouty symptoms. MANGANESE GLUCONATE 3X - Inflammation, endocrine function, connective tissue disorders. COPPER GLUCONATE 3X - Brain, liver, RBC's, SOD metabolism, uric acid, enzyme and nerve transmitter metabolism, inflammatory system. ZINC GLUCONATE 3X - Promotes immune and skin health, adrenal insufficiency. THUJA OCCIDENTALIS 4X - Infections, inflammation, glandular swellings. LARCH (FLOWER ESSENCE) 4X - Failure, pessimism, self-esteem, lack making an effort. CENTAURY (FLOWER ESSENCE) 4X - Over taxation of vital energy, suppression. HORNBEAM (FLOWER ESSENCE) 4X - Lacks sufficient mental and physical strength, fatigue. CAPSICUM ANNUA 6X - Stimulation of the blood and fluids, increases energy, cleanses. LYMPH 6X - Rebuilds and promotes normal function of this excretory and cleansing organ. SPLEEN 6X - Rebuilds and promotes normal function of this blood nutrifying organ. THYMUS 6X - Rebuilds and promotes normal function of this immune enhancing organ. ARANEA DIADEMA 8X - Affects the nervous system, excessive dampness, swelling, fluid retention, coldness. ARSENICUM IODATUM 8X - Acute illness, cleanses and purifies contaminants, emaciation. LACHESIS MUTUS 8X - Sepsis, prostration, effects of poisons, blood infection.
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