Ambrosia Skin and Scar Nectar (30 ml) by Eagle Peak Herbals


Ambrosia Skin and Scar Nectar (30 ml) by Eagle Peak Herbals

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Ambrosia Skin and Scar Nectar by Eagle Peak Herbals is a therapeutic skin treatment that is light, hydrating, anti-scarring, disinfecting, and is deliciously fragrant.

Eagle Peak Herbals worked for over a year to develop a therapeutic skin treatment that was light, hydrating, anti-scarring, disinfecting, anti-tumoral, and deliciously fragrant. During the testing phase, Ambrosia developed a following as a favorite facial cream.

Our aim was to create something lovely that would both minimize scar tissue and help the skin heal from cellular damage. This product can be applied very soon after surgery and directly on open wounds.

The response to repeated applications of Ambrosia is very encouraging. Recent wounds closed with minimal scarring visible. Some older scars have reduced in both size and color. "Sunspots" and other skin discolorations have lightened or disappeared altogether. Infected sites responded quickly and some old open wounds came to healthy closure. Bubbling, flaking and other three dimensional skin abnormalities have lessened or gone away. There are many repeat orders.

Scar tissue can be difficult to treat due to diminished absorption. Hazelnut oil is both deeply penetrating and a superb carrier for the therapeutic quality essential oils. Rose Hip Seed Oil, also known as Rosa Mosqueta Oil, has a history of use for reducing scar formations and skin spots, hydrating tissues and restoring elasticity to mature skin. Calendula and Turmeric, two beloved botanical healers of skin disorders and wounds, join forces to protect at-risk cells. Shea Butter has anti-scarring properties while also being anti-inflammatory, emollient, soothing and sun/wind protective. Medical Aromatherapists use Helichrysum to treat both the physical evidence of trauma (scars), as well as emotional trauma. We sourced the Helichrysum and the Lavender Essential Oils directly from the highest quality Organic Grower/Manufacturer we could find. Tests done on this superior Helichrysum italicum oil show that it contains a minimum of 25% diketones, the highest amount of this active constituent as yet reported. Hildegard of Bingen, the renowned 12th century herbalist/visionary, obtained excellent results utilizing Violets for the treatment of tumors. Her wisdom is honored here and Violet graces this formulation. Inhale the lovely flower fragrances and add your intent and prayers as you gently massage into affected areas at least twice daily.
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