Black Cohosh Herbal Tincture 4 oz by Eagle Peak Herbals


Black Cohosh Herbal Tincture 4 oz by Eagle Peak Herbals

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Black Cohosh by Eagle Peak Herbals: Both genders may benefit from Black Cohosh's anti-spasmodic and nervine qualities. Its use is indicated when dull, achy pain is present in the muscles, nerves, or joints. Centuries of use by midwives, doctors, and herbalists attest to its compatibility with women's health. Its relaxing, hormone balancing effects may ease discomfort associated with PMS and/or menopause. Uterine cramps, hot flashes, and insomnia have all responded well to Black Cohosh.

Caution: Not to be used during pregnancy or while nursing. Excess amounts may cause frontal headaches. Not to be used when elevated fluid pressure in the eyes is present.

Dry certified organic Black Cohosh root, certified organic grain alcohol, and distilled water.
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