CandFiX Kit by BioMed

BioMed SKU: BIOMED-96003
CandFiX Kit by BioMed

CandFiX Kit by BioMed

BioMed SKU: BIOMED-96003
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CandFix contains natural preparations for elimination of candida and fungus. Based upon European Biological Medicine principles, optimizing intestinal conditions and supporting a self-regulating environment within the body, are the keys to eliminating candida and fungal overgrowth. The three major pillars for addressing candida, candidiasis and fungal conditions are: 1) Reduce candida and/or fungal overgrowth. 2) Replenish healthy intestinal flora. 3) Rebalance normal acid-base (pH) levels. This approach leads to a healthy digestive tract with balanced intestinal flora, proper digestion and a strong immune system ? naturally keeping candida and fungal levels in check throughout the body.
Recommended Dosage: Pleo Alb 5x drops - take 7 drops orally once daily Probiotic 7-in-1 ? take 1 cap three times daily Basictab - take 3 tabs twice daily with warm water on an empty stomach Note: Pleo Alb and Probiotic 7-in-1 can be taken at the same time. Basictab should be taken on its own (with warm water on an empty stomach, 20 min before eating or 2 hours after meals). For Optimal Results: The ideal duration to eliminate candida, achieve acid-base balance and replenish beneficial intestinal flora is approximately 8 weeks (2 kits). Your health care practitioner should assess your case and symptoms to determine your optimal length of treatment. It is also recommended to follow a diet to heal the gut and support a healthy intestinal system.

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