Candida Clear Kit by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES607
Candida Clear Kit by DesBio

Candida Clear Kit by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES607
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The New! DesBio Candida Clear Program is the only candida detoxification program that utilizes Candida Series Symptom Relief, a homeopathic protocol that is specifically designed to manage the uncomfortable symptoms of candida overgrowth. An essential component of the DesBio Candida Clear Program is the New! Candida Clear Kit.

Each Candida Clear Kit contains the products listed below. It also includes a Guide with a complete overview of the 60-day DesBio Candida Clear Program including dietary guidelines and sample recipes.

Two Candida Albicans Series Symptom Relief Kits - Series Symptom Relief homeopathic protocol exclusive to DesBio specifically designed to help manage the uncomfortable symptoms of candida

PathoGuard - A powerful herbal combination to support the immune system in eliminating toxic candida overgrowth.

Intestinal Restore - Powdered formula featuring gut-rebuilding nutrients, herbs for relieving GI discomfort, enzymes, and immunoglobulins

OmniFiber - Fiber and probiotic supplement to support regular elimination and candida detoxification while helping to restore healthy flora

The Candida Clear Kit contains key products utilized in DesBio’s Candida Clear Program. Each kit contains:

– Two CAND:SSR Kits
 Intestinal Restore

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Suggested Use: supports protocols that involve candida detoxification.

Instructions with the KIT.

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