Detox Kit - Nestmann Pharma by BioMed

BioMed SKU: BIOMED-99001
Detox Kit - Nestmann Pharma by BioMed

Detox Kit - Nestmann Pharma by BioMed

BioMed SKU: BIOMED-99001
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The Nestmann Detox Kit provides the foundation for achieving optimal health. This simple and easy-to-use kit will 'jump-start' the detoxification process. With effective detox remedies targeting the liver, gallbladder, intestines, kidney and lymphatic system, this kit will successfully eliminate toxins and waste. Toxins are all around us, and we don?t even realize it! Exposure to toxins and chemicals burden the body by being absorbed through the skin, swallowed, and inhaled. Since daily exposure is unavoidable, the best defense is detoxification. Eliminating toxins will renew functioning of the detoxification organs and elimination pathways, improve circulation to clear wastes, and accelerate restoration of health. Everyone can benefit from detoxification, especially when dealing with chronic health conditions. Many diseases are directly related to the body?s inability to clear out toxins. You do not need to have symptoms to be a good candidate to detoxify. It may take years for symptoms to first appear, once the body?s ability to compensate is exhausted. Give your body the best chance to remain symptom-free. Detox once to twice a year (in the Spring and/or Fall) with the new Nestmann Pharma Detox Kit.
Helps eliminate toxins from the body, Supports detoxification organs, Improves circulation to clear waste products,
Recommended Dosage: Two options for use or as directed by a health care practitioner: A) Combine « tsp. (50 drops) of each of A-Hepatica, Solidago and Lymph-A-Drop in a bottle of water (1 ? 1.5 litres) and drink throughout the day. or B) Take 17 drops each of A-Hepatica, Solidago and Lymph-A-Drop combined in water three times daily, or as directed by a health care practitioner. Note: Combined Nestmann Pharma Detox Kit remedy dosage is different than the individual label dosage for each of the remedies.

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