Jackass Annie Herbal Formula 1 oz by Eagle Peak Herbals


Jackass Annie Herbal Formula 1 oz by Eagle Peak Herbals

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Jackass Annie by Eagle Peak Herbals: This herbal combination was formulated to help expel parasites that the Black Walnut Wormwood formula does not address. Jackass Bitters, or Nuerolena lobata, a native plant of Central America, has long been traditionally used to affect various health problems including blood sugar fluctuations, intestinal parasites and worms, compromised immune responses, and fungal infections. Sweet Annie, or Artemisia annua, is known for its effects on blood and digestive tract parasites and has recently gained the attention of western medical researchers for the purpose of creating a new chemotherapeutic drug.
Contains wild or organic: Jackass Bitters leaf, Sweet Annie flower & leaf, Turmeric root, Epazote seed & leaf, Fennel seed, Chamomile flowers, Cascara aged bark, organic grain alcohol, pure vegetable glycerin and distilled water.

Adults: Take 30 drops twice daily for 3 weeks under tongue or in water. take 2 weeks off, then follow with one more week of treatment.

Children: Take 2 drops per 10lbs body weight in juice or water same timing as adults.
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