North Wind Immune Support 1 oz by Eagle Peak Herbals


North Wind Immune Support 1 oz by Eagle Peak Herbals

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North Wind Immune Support by Eagle Peak Herbals: Usnea lichen has been called "The Spirit of the North Wind". It has been a healing herb for the trees, helping them fight off infection as it contains both antibiotic and antifungal properties.

Many cultures around the world respect and utilize the Usnea species and scientific studies have now validated centuries of use.

Olive leaf has been proven to have strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Astragalus has been shown to increase immune cell function and has a long history as a deep tonic, or builder of vital energy.

These ancient immune enhancing herbs are woven together by the lymphatic cleanser, Cleavers (who also weaves its plant neighbors together). Caution: Contraindicated during pregnancy!
Contains: Wild Usnea lichen, organic fresh Olive leaf, organic Astragalus root, organic fresh Turmeric root, fresh Cleavers aerial parts, organic grain alcohol and distilled water.
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