Serenity Suite Bundle by Energique

Serenity Suite Bundle by Energique

Serenity Suite Bundle by Energique

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Serenity Suite is a curated collection of homeopathic remedies from Energique, which includes Rainforest Botanical Stress Formula and Calming Formula.

More Details:

Rainforest Botanical Stress Formula: This exclusively blended rainforest botanical formula features muira puama, catuaba, baccharis trimera, and mulungú to support adrenal balance and to promote calm and emotional well-being. 

Rainforest Botanical Calming Formula: Features mulungu and passionflower to support emotional well-being and help moderate occasional stress.

Thyroidinum (12C) Cortisone Aceticum (12C 15C) Anacardium Orientale (15C) Antimonium Crudum (15C) Ignatia Amara (15C) Natrum Muriaticum (15C) Staphysagria (18C) Cortisol (30C)
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