Allergy Rescue (1 fl oz) by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES253
Allergy Rescue (1 fl oz) by DesBio

Allergy Rescue (1 fl oz) by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES253
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Allergy Rescue by Desbio - The production of certain phenolics by mast cells found in the body's mucous membranes are the precursors to allergic discomfort. Mucus membranes are thin sheets of tissue that line various parts of the body. They secrete the mucus that surrounds and act to expel the foreign bodies and microorganisms that threaten to invade the body. They also contain mast and basophil cells, T-cells and IgA which produce the chemicals released during an allergic reaction. In particular, mast cells release histamine, serotonin and acetylcholine chloride. Each of these chemicals further contributes to the inflammation related to allergic reactions.
Contents are all in 6-12-30-200x and 12-30-60-200c ACETYCHOLINE CHLORIDE: Allergic symptoms similar to those caused by Histamine. HISTAMINUM HYDROCHLORICUM: The cause of two principle results in the inflammatory process. It influences capillaries to enlarge with the result of increased permeability that causes an increased amount of fluid to pass from the blood into the tissues. This allows white cells to pass into cells in order to destroy invading pathogens. The result is swelling, redness and edema. SEROTONIN: Ninety percent of the body's serotonin is found in the mucous membranes of the GI tract where it is related to food allergies. Its action is to cause inflammation and irritation of surrounding cells.
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