GI Drainage (2 fl oz) by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES300

GI Drainage (2 fl oz) by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES300
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CINNAMOMUM 3X - Bleeding from bowel, flatulence, diarrhea, feeble energy. GENTIANA LUTEA 3X - Stimulates digestions, increases appetite, acidy, nausea, flatulence, colic. SYZGIUM JAMBOLANUM 3X - Blood sugar, thirst, weakness, emaciation. ARGENTUM NITRICUM 3X - Anti-microbial, nerve symptoms, fearful, belching, colic. AURUM METALICUM 3X - Anti-microbial, excessive heat, heart, purifies. COPPER GLUCONATE 3X - Brain, liver, RBC's, SOD metabolism, uric acid, enzyme and nerve transmitter metabolism, inflammatory system. POTASSIUM GLUCONATE 3X - Influences electrolyte balance, water retention, nerve function. MANGANESE GLUCONATE 3X - Inflammatory disorders, endocrine function, connective tissue disorders. MAGNESIUM GLUCONATE 3X - Krebs cycle and other enzyme pathways, used in fluid retention, parasites, and assists WBC formation. ROCKWATER (FLOWER ESSENCE) 4X - Strict lifestyle, self-critical, self-denial, stubborn. CRAB APPLE (FLOWER ESSENCE) 4X - Obsessions, absorbed over details, cleanser-purifier, self-disgust, despondent, detoxifies the effects of medications. BEECH (FLOWER ESSENCE) 4X - Optimistic through distress, judgmental, dissatisfaction. CHERRY PLUM (FLOWER ESSENCE) 4X - Fear, excess strain, loss of control, sense of urgency. CALCAREA CARBONICA 8X - Impaired nutrition, swelling of glands, thyroid dysfunction, tenderness over liver, intolerant to pressure, abdominal swelling, fat and milk disagrees, craves indigestible things. ARGENTUM NITRICUM 6X - Anti-microbial, nerve symptoms, fearful, belching, colic. LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM 6X - Feeling of fullness upon eating, bloated, malnutrition, craves warm drinks, chronic diseases, lacks self-confidence. SCROPHULARIA NODOSA 6X - Circulatory stimulant, enlarged glands, diuretic. CARBO VEGETABILIS 8X - Sluggish GI system, overweight, low vital energy, hot head, epigastric discomfort, dislikes tight clothing about waist. COLCHICUM AUTUMNALE 6X - Ascites, frontal headaches, distention of abdomen with gaseousness. RUMEX - DAMASCENA 6X - Chronic skin disorders, jaundice, constipation, anemia. LAPPA ARCTIUM 6X - Chronic toxicity, skin conditions, inflammatory conditions. NITRICUM ACIDUM 6X - Useful for conditions affecting the junction of mucous membranes and skin, chronic disease, diarrhea. COLOSTRUM 6X - Assists immunity with antibody and transfer factors. STOMACH 6X - Rebuilds and promotes normal function of this organ. PANCREAS 6X - Rebuilds and promotes normal function of this digestive and metabolic organ. INTESTINE 8X - Rebuilds and promotes normal function of this digestive and neuro-lymphoid organ.
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