Inflammation II (1 fl oz) by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES235
Inflammation II (1 fl oz) by DesBio

Inflammation II (1 fl oz) by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES235
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Inflammation II by DesBio. 
KALMIA LATIFOLIA 8X: Kalmia is specific for the treatment of acute and especially chronic inflammation of the periosteum with gelatinous infiltration of the connective tissue; of arthritis and arthrosis with a tendency towards deformation, and (particularly nocturnal) otalgia and pains in the periosteum. For rheumatic and neuralgic pains; mainly on the right side; pains attacking a large part of the limb or several joints; pains along the ulnar nerves tot he index finger; red, hot, and swollen joints; stabbing pains in the heart. MERCURIUS PRAECIPITATUS RUBER 10X: Periostitis, nocturnal otalgia, fistulae of the bone, acne pustulosa. ASAFOETIDA 8X: Otalgia, with stabbing pains, caries of the bone, periostitis. CAUSTICUM HAHNEMANNI 10X: Chronic rheumatic and arthritic disorders, twinges and strains of the muscles and tendons. COLCHICUM AUTUMNALE 10X: Rheumatism of the muscles and joints, backache worsening in wet weather. For gouty conditions. FERRUM METALLICUM 10X: Shoulder and arm pain, particularly on the right side, lumbago, migraine, hip pains. LITHIUM BENZOICUM 10X: Various forms of rheumatism and gout, uric acid diathesis. RHUS TOX:ICODENDRON 10X: Rheumatism, neuralgia, worse in wet weather, intercostal and sciatic neuralgia, joint pain. SPIRAEA ULMARIA 10X: Rheumatism of the muscles and joints. GNAPHALIUM POLYCEPHALUM 10X: Sciatic neuralgia, numbness and pain in the lower back.
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