Kidney Drainage (2 fl oz) by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES301
Kidney Drainage  (2 fl oz) by DesBio

Kidney Drainage (2 fl oz) by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES301
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SOLIDAGO VIRGAUREA 1X - Dysuria, sensitivity in the area of the kidneys, congestion in kidneys. ASPARAGUS OFFICINALIS 2X - Excess fluid and urinary infections and stones. JUNIPERUS COMMUNIS 2X - Inflammation of kidneys, suppression of urine, scanty urination, pressure in kidney region. SABAL SERRULATA 2X - Epididymitis, genito-urinary organs, prostate problems. UVA URSI 2X - Excessive mucous elimination and acts upon the kidney and bladder. EQUISETUM ARVENSE 3X - Bladder, enuresis, dysuria, dull, sharp and burning pains, incontinence, albunimuria. COBALTUM METALLICUM 8X - Hypertension, formation of sperm and ovum. SILICEA 3X - Defective nutrition, involuntary urination, sediment in urine. MANGANUM METALLICUM 8X - Inflammatory disorders, endocrine function, connective tissue disorders. BERBERIS 3X - Nervous system, venous system, digestive system, kidneys, loss of appetite, pain in the area of the kidneys, gout. URTICA DIOCA 4X - Mucous membrane secretions, enuresis, hives, gout. RHUS AROMATICA 3X - Renal and urinary afflictions, enuresis, cystitis, incontinence. MIMULUS GATTATUS, FLOS (FLOWER ESSENCE) 4X - Fear-known, dread, parasitic infection, shy, overly sensitive. LARCH (FLOWER ESSENCE) 4X - Failure, pessimism, self-esteem, lack making an effort. ASPEN (FLOWER ESSENCE) 4X - Fear-unknown, anxiety. GORSE (FLOWER ESSENCE) 4X - Faith, hope, hopelessness, despair. BEECH (FLOWER ESSENCE) 4X - Optimistic through distress, judgmental, dissatisfaction. ADRENALINUM 6X - Rebuilds and promotes normal function of this endocrine organ. KIDNEY 6X - Rebuilds and promotes normal function of this endocrine organ. CANTHARIS 6X - Raw burning pains, affects GI and GU systems, urge to urinate, nephritis. RUBIA TINCTORUM 6X - Kidney and bladder stones, afflictions of the spleen. STAPHYSAGRIA 6X - Cystitis, backache, ineffectual urges to urinate, burning, frequent urination. NITRICUM ACIDUM 8X - Useful for conditions affecting the junction of mucous membranes and skin, chronic disease, diarrhea, blistering. HEPAR SULFURICUM 8X - Glandular swellings, skin affections, weakness of bladder. BENZOICUM ACIDUM 12X - Gout and uric acid, renal insufficiency, odor in dark urine, dribbling, gonorrhea, cystitis.
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