Liver Drainage (2 fl oz) by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES302
Liver Drainage (2 fl oz) by DesBio

Liver Drainage (2 fl oz) by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES302
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Liver Drainage by DesBio. 
BERBERIS VULGARIS 1X - Nervous system, venous system, digestive system, kidneys, loss of appetite, gouty conditions. CHELIDONIUMMAJUS 1X - Used for proper biliary and liver health. CARDUUS MARIANUS 2X - Congested portal system, action upon the liver, jaundice, vascular system, effects from alcohol. SCHISANDRA 2X - Stimulates or inhibits liver detoxification pathways. TARAXACUM OFFICINALIS 2X - Acts to detoxify the biliary and hepatic systems. PICRORRHIZA SCROPHULARLIFLORA 3X - Liver and gallbladder cleanser, protectant, immune enhancer. RAPHANUS SATIVUS 3X - Increases bile and salivary secretions, flatulence, liquid stools. VISCUM ALBUM 3X - Low vital energy, gouty conditions, faint pulse, dyspnea. CHROMIUM GLUCONATE 6X - Carbohydrate metabolism, pancreas, lowers LDL and triglyceride levels. COBALTUM GLUCONATE 6X - Component of vitamin B12, enzyme systems. COPPER GLUCONATE 6X - Brain, liver, RBC's, SOD metabolism, uric acid, enzyme and nerve transmitter metabolism, inflammatory system. MAGNESIUM GLUCONATE 6X - Krebs cycle and other enzyme pathways, used in fluid retention, parasites, and assists WBC formation. NATRUM SULPHURICUM 6X - Liver remedy, damp surroundings, sensitive to changes of weather, neurological conditions, skin affections. PTELEA TRIFOLIATA 6X - Heaviness of liver and stomach, pressure in head, restlessness. SARCOLACTICUM ACIDUM 6X - Tiredness, restlessness, prostration, nausea. SULFUR IODATUM 6X - Cleanses, skin disorders, connective tissue constituent, liver and biliary function, migraines, GI complaints. CARBOLICUM ACIDUM 8X - Feeble pulse, CNS stupor, loss of appetite, constipation, halitosis. CHICORY (FLOWER ESSENCE) 8X - Critical, possessive, dominating, irritable, helps others. GALLBLADDER SUIS 8X - Rebuilds and promotes normal function of the gallbladder. HEPAR SUIS 8X - Rebuilds and promotes normal function of this excretory and cleansing organ. NUX - VOMICA 8X - Affects of stimulants, liver congestion, irritability, headaches, elevated blood pressure, constipation. PANCREAS SUIS 8X - Rebuilds and promotes normal function of this digestive and metabolic organ. VANADIUM METALLICUM 8X - Liver, kidneys, connective tissue, thyroid, pancreas, neurotransmitter, fat and sugar metabolism. VERVAIN (FLOWER ESSENCE) 8X - Set in beliefs and strong of will, dominating, argumentative.
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