MycoCombo by Desbio

DesBio SKU: DES701

MycoCombo by Desbio

DesBio SKU: DES701
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Allium Cepa (6X), Echinacea (6X), Nat Sulphuricum (6X 12X 30X ), Kali Carb (8X 12X 30X), Mephitis (8X), Sanguinaria (8X), Blatta Or (8X 12X 30X), Agaricus Mucs (12X), Antimon Tart (12X), Arsenicum Iod (12X), Carbolicum Ac (12X), Cinchona (12X), Ferrum Met (12X), Phytolacca (12X), Secale (12X), Sulphuricum Ac (12X), Thuja Occ (12X), Ammon Carb (12X 24X 30X), Aspergillus Niger (15X 30X 60X 100X 200X)
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