Neuro II (1 fl oz) by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES246
Neuro II (1 fl oz) by DesBio

Neuro II (1 fl oz) by DesBio

DesBio SKU: DES246
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Neuro II by DesBio is for the temporary relief of symptoms including anxiety, appetite control, hives, lethargy, poor memory, mood swings, travel sickness.

These statements are based upon traditional homeopathic practices. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Dosage: 1-10 drops under the tongue, 3 times a day or as directed by a health professional. Consult a physician for use in children under 12 years of age.

NOREPINEPHRINE 6x, 12x, 30x, 12c; 30c: The catecholamine precursor to adrenalin and is a natural component of all mammalian life forms. Used for depression and hypertension, tachycardia and hyperhidrosis. ACETYLCHOLINE CHLORIDE 6x, 12x, 30x, 12c, and 30c: ACC is a neurotransmitter of major significance to the human body. Derived from the essential amino acid choline. ACC may be compromised where individuals have been exposed to pesticides which inhibit acetylcholine esterase, the enzyme that controls ACC levels in nerve tissue. Enhances memory. GABA 6x, 12x, 30x, 12c; 30c: A non protein amino acid that functions as a neurotransmitter. It has anti-hypertensive and anti-schizophrenic properties that give it significant importance in certain therapies. It is the most common of special amino acids and is seldom absent from plant extract analysis. Used for irritability and hypertension. HISTAMINE 6x, 12x, 30x, 12c; 30c: An amino acid acting as a neurotransmitter produced from the essential growth amino acid histidine. Histamine occurs widely in nature in the putrefactive process. Used for chronic allergies and vertigo. TYRAMINE 6x, 12x, 30x, 12c; 30c: An amino acid which acts as a neurotransmitter. M-tyrasines occur through the transformation of phenylalanine from L-Dopa or Dopamine. Some tyramine results from tyrosine metabolism. Tyramine has a weak and prolonged pressor action caused by its ability to release noradrenalin from sympathetic nerve endings and from adrenal medulla. Tyramine may be comodulators of neurotransmitters. For migraine headaches and hypertension. ADRENALINUM (Epinephrine) 3x: The principle sympathomimmetric hormone produced by the adrenal medulla. Blood pressure raising principle of the adrenal glands. It acts to accelerate the heart rate and acts as an excitatory neurotransmitter. For treatment of anxiety, hypertension and low metabolism. TARAXACUM OFFICINALE 3x: A liver remedy which acts to improve the effectiveness of the neurotransmitters through its ability to enhance the drainage function. The use of phenolic alone provides no special provision for the body to break down substances for elimination. Thus, key pathway junctions could be subject to substance logjams that could hinder movement to the next line of command. HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS 3x: Functions as a general drainage remedy.
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